Welcome to my website! ホームページにようこそ!
Willkommen auf meiner Webseite!

You might know me for my online video content such as podcasts, a few anime reviews I've made or my social media presence.

I work as a Linux-Admin. But I'm also into tech in my spare time when something piques my interest. I like hiking, traveling and learning about different cultures, although my freetime often doesn't allow to endulge in those things as often as I would like to. If you annoy me enough, I might even do some sports!

Fluent in: German and English
Currently learning: Japanese (Beginner)

Have a nice day!

Japanese Language Progress

According to Memrise, I've learned 939 words with their service. Since the quality of their (official) decks declines after "Japanese 2", I have decided to use Anki instead. I will update how much progress I've made with Anki sporadically on this website from now on.

For a visual representation of my current progress, check this pdf: Anki-Stats.pdf


How to contact me:


Jack of all traits, master of none.

I used to host various fediverse instances, 2/3 of which have been retired now:
"the.hedgehoghunter.club" (inactive), "jpop.club" (inactive) and

Jaeger Social - Pleroma

Jaeger Videos - Peertube

Jaeger Music - Funkwhale

Jaeger Radio - Personal radio stream. Replaced with Funkwhale.

Anime Review YouTube Channel - Inactive.

German Podcasts

Weebkasten - Podcast about my Japanese language study.

Pod-Pretentious Seasonal - Inactive seasonal anime podcast I recorded with friends for fun.

Pod-Pretentious - General topics anime podcast. Currently dead due to lack of members.

Quasselstrip-Podcast - Old podcast group I was apart of before starting my own one.